Silent Ability is a Minnesota based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission and vision to help the physically challenged hunt and shoot through the use of suppressors (aka silencers) and other specialized equipment. Our organization is completely volunteer based. We review applications from people who have physical limitations preventing them from participating in hunting or shooting sports. Our targeted applicants need recoil reduction help to shoot safely and without injury. We will work with approved applicants on an individual basis to obtain the equipment they need to participate in the sport they love. We rely solely on donations to obtain the equipment and customize it to get them in the game.

We believe getting these people outdoors is excellent therapy and wonderful for their quality of life. It is our goal to seek out applicants who would not be able to enjoy these experiences without the help of Silent Ability. We can provide legal services to obtain and own a suppressor and other adaptive equipment. We will also provide engineering and machine work to cover an individual’s challenges and custom outfit each applicant. We will seek applicants that could not otherwise find or afford such services. Unfortunately, we cannot provide these opportunities with gifts of volunteer time alone. We need donations from groups who also have an interest in promoting the hunting and shooting lifestyle.

It takes an average of $1,500 to properly outfit each approved applicant with a suppressor and/or the adaptive equipment including ammunition to practice so they can function and safety test before hitting the field. All donations are tax-deductible and donors will receive a “thank you” letter as a receipt for tax records. We will work with individual donors to recognize their support, including listing them as supporters on our web page and/or on Facebook and other advertising. Certain donors will become “sponsors” listed on our sponsor page and will receive other special recognition.

Together we can accomplish our goal of getting physically challenged people out enjoying what most people take for granted. If you would like to talk further about Silent Ability or make a donation, please feel free to contact Patrick Moore at 612-790-3737 or email