This adventure starts out a long time ago.  The first time I ever tried to harvest a black bear was in 2003. I was at my in-laws’ property in Hibbing, Minnesota.  I was told there were many bears in the area, but unfortunately, we never had a bear sighting between my wife Ann and I. My second attempt at harvesting a black bear would be in 2010 at my parent’s property in Trego, Wisconsin. It took me 5 preference points to receive a bear license or a “tag”. Again, there was plenty of bear in the area, but sadly we didn’t bait properly and never saw a bear. My third attempt would be 2017 in Wisconsin, again and it took me 5 years to draw a bear tag again. Unfortunately, this time my parents had sold the farm to Jack Link’s Jerky to use as hunting property, and had moved back to the Twin Cities.

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My elk hunt began by contacting Big Al McCarty of Chairbound Hunters in Wyoming in the winter of 2016. Al replied the next summer to tell me I was the lucky hunter to be picked to receive a Wyoming elk tag! Al explained he wasn’t comfortable with me using my .243 caliber rifle in Wyoming. With the rotator cuff tear to my right shoulder, I was not excited about trying to shoot a larger caliber rifle, but I was excited to purchase another weapon! I told my friend Pat Moore of Silent Ability that I was looking for recoil relief. He let me try his .308 with a suppressor. I have to admit I was a little ignorant as to what a suppressor was – and it’s potential. After shooting it, I was pleasantly surprised by the recoil relief. The suppresser had less recoil then my standard 223. I was sold on using a 308 and adapting it with a suppressor.

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Alex Potter is a 15-year-old young lady from Beaver Crossing, Nebraska.  Alex was born with a congenital defect of the spine known as spina bifida, but Alex does not let that slow her down — she is an avid hunter and angler!  Alex was referred to Silent Ability through Corey Goss, president of the Heartland Chapter of Dallas Safari Club (DSC). Heartland DSC’s mission is to help youth of all abilities create memories in the outdoors.  In support of that mission, Corey took Alex along with her father EJ to Kansas for a whitetail hunt of a lifetime in the fall of 2018!

Corey contacted Patrick Moore, president of Silent Ability, and said he thought Alex would benefit from the use of a suppressor to reduce the recoil of a high-powered rifle to help her hunt with greater confidence and comfort. Silent Ability then contacted Alex’s parents, and so began the journey of Silent Ability’s newest project recipient.  Ironically, Patrick also has spina bifida which made him and Silent Ability even more eager to meet Alex and help her continue to reach her outdoor goals.

Alex and her parents worked with the Silent Ability team to determine what type of equipment would best benefit her.  Savage Arms and Federal Premium Ammunition became aware of the project and offered assistance.  The customizable fit of a Savage Model 110 Tactical left-handed rifle in .308 Winchester caliber with an Omega suppressor from Silencer Co. was the perfect pairing for Alex to use now and well into the future.  Federal Premium Ammunition generously donated two cases of ammunition for Alex to practice with and use on her hunts.

Since Heartland DSC is where Alex’s story started, everyone involved in the project thought their annual banquet would be a great venue to surprise Alex with her Savage rifle, Omega suppressor and Federal Premium Ammunition.  The group worked together to make this all happen on Saturday, March 2, 2019.  Patrick, along with wife and fellow board member Ruth Moore, traveled to Council Bluffs, Iowa for the second annual Heartland Chapter DSC banquet.  Alex and her parents, EJ & Cindy, were honored at the banquet and Silent Ability presented Alex with her new rifle, suppressor and ammunition!   Pat has since become a board member of Heartland DSC to represent Silent Ability and partner with DSC on their joint interest in helping disabled youth to hunt and fish.

Thank you, Alex, for the chance for all of us at Silent Ability and Heartland DSC to get to know you and your wonderful family!! We hope you will continue to keep us informed of your latest and greatest adventures!! May your sights be straight, and your aim be true!

In 2005 my brother-in-law asked me to deer hunt with him.  Over these last 14 years, I have developed a love for being outdoors and enjoying the challenge of the shooting sports.  However, at the same time my life-long, progressive nerve disease made me too weak to shoulder a rifle, pull the trigger, or absorb the recoil.  Even though I retired at age 52 on disability from my career as an IT Project Manager, I have continued enjoying the outdoors with the help of Silent Ability and Capable Partners.

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