Craig Simpson First Elk Hunt - 01
Craig Simpson First Elk Hunt - 02
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Silent Ability came about when its founder, Patrick Moore, realized one of his long-time friends, Craig Simpson, was going to pass a chance to go on his first elk hunt due to a shoulder injury making it impossible for him to use a large caliber rifle without permanent damage to his shoulder. Pat had suppressors he had acquired for recreational purposes but quickly realized they could be a very necessary piece of medical equipment for his friend. So Pat set to work doing the legal paperwork and finding the machinists and engineers needed to outfit Craig with a shooting rest for his wheel chair and suppressor to go hunting. From this first project, Silent Ability was born. Now Pat and Craig wish to help others benefit from their knowledge of outdoor equipment. Pat and Craig are joined by a small group of dedicated volunteers who desire to help one physically challenged person at a time outfit for their dream hunt.

Silent Ability is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping physically challenged people remain active in outdoor sports, especially hunting and shooting. We recognized the use of suppressors (aka silencers) on firearms can be essential to people with physical challenges due to the reduction of recoil as well as the obvious reduction in noise. Many people with physical challenges suffer from upper body injuries that prevent them from shooting firearms that recoil significantly. The use of suppressors can allow these people to continue to use the firearms they need to pursue their dreams of remaining active in the hunting and shooting sports. Silent Ability shall promote the legal use of suppressors and help outfit people with physical challenges who can benefit from the use of suppressors and any other mobility equipment needed to maintain their participation in hunting and the shooting sports. Silent Ability will draw on its attorney, engineering, and machinist resources to use donor money to outfit physically challenged people.